Uzuri Institute is led by a Board of Management chaired by its founder Mercy Wangari Githinji. The Institutes operations are effected through a highly motivated staff totalling to 43, and headed by a General Manager and assisted by a Deputy General Manager, senior Heads of departments and Heads of departments of the various schools. The institute is a premier middle level vocational training which offers a wide spectrum of courses ranging from certificate to advanced diplomas. The college is registered by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology [MOEST/PC/1162/2009] to offer post-secondary skills based training.

The institute currently has 2 campuses in Thika and Machakos with a view of further expansion to other cities in the near future to cater for the growing demand for a quality college education set in a Christian environment which has a focus on development of spiritual, social and economic skills.

 Uzuri has a unique portfolio of training products that target youth from all over the country. Courses range from Hospitality, Fashion & design, Hairdressing, Beauty, AIDTT, Business Studies, CPA, ICT, Journalism, Tourism, Media, ICDL, Leadership & Development and Engineering. All courses are shaped to include international business communication, entrepreneurship and life skills thereby nurturing entrepreneurial talent, confidence as well as the right character for employment or self employment. All graduands are required to have a business plan before completion. Courses are also shaped to cater for industry needs; to ensuring that its graduates are ready to work as has been observed from the 7,000 already qualified graduates since the inception of the institute in August 2001. 

Hostel facilities give opportunity to students from upcountry and other places countrywide to have an easy learning. Students learn how to live together in perfect harmony and mutual cooperation and are able to maximize utilization of resources in their research, as well as continuous personal development through counseling and talent development activities, which play a major role in shaping our students career.

Further, the Institute has a training of trainers program that has seen over 300 students graduate as teachers in various categories now teaching in various schools within and outside the country.
We have worked with various organisations in training the youth such as Christian Children’s Fund (CCF), Kenya network of women living with AIDS (KENWA), Plan International and Voices of hope (Kajiado), among others.

In the long term, due to demand for our services, Uzuri is looking to franchise the business thereby creating other Uzuri centres and accredited centres both locally and abroad. 

Uzuri also seeks to establish its corporate arm and to partner with like-minded organisations that are keen on Human capacity development. 


The work place has been ridden with skills and knowledge gaps, work ethics and integrity issues across the board necessitating programs of capacity building in these areas. Uzuri Institute and its affiliates are committed to bridging the gaps for improved corporate satisfaction.

Further, with the rising level of unemployment, particularly in Africa, the need for alternatives in self employment is becoming not only urgent but also necessary in ensuring our young people are turned from job seekers to job creators. This is realized by giving technical and entrepreneurship skills, exposure and proper mentorship for them to gain relevant experience.

The experience and expertise of Uzuri Institute Ltd makes us the ideal partner in meeting your organizations’ Business development goals


Uzuri Institute Ltd was incorporated in November 2002 under the name of Uzuri Hair and Fashion College Ltd. We have experienced gradual growth from having 10 students and 2 members of staff to 800 students and 41 members of staff.

The Institute has now grown to include variety of courses which include Hospitality, Fashion & design, Hairdressing, Beauty, AIDTT, Business, CPA, ICT, Journalism, Tourism, Media, ICDL, Leadership & Development, Engineering among others. The institute has two campuses in Thika and Machakos with plans to open branches in other major towns.

The Institute has plans to start Business campuses that will focus on business and accounting courses under the brand name Uniglobal Business Colleges UNBC. 
The Corporate and community arm being established will build capacity in the corporate world, Government and community thereby contributing to a work-ready citizenry. 


Uzuri Institute hires Graduate lecturers and invites industry players on short term consultancy assignments to critic both the training approach and content with the objective of ensuring that the services offered are in line with the vision of producing work ready graduates. These consultants play a critical part in ensuring quality and relevance towards reaching industry’s needs. 

Service learning and 3 months attachments are a key component of the training where students are exposed to the industry through weekend jobs and placements organised by the institute. This provides experience and exposure to what is expected in the job market.

The institute offers International qualifications through various examination bodies which include City and Guilds, ICM, ICDL, KASNEB, KNEC, IATA among others.

The programs are also accredited by NITA. This provision ensures the graduates remain competitive in the market as well as keeping the Institute relevant in the international front. Continuous innovation and curriculum development is maintained in order to achieve our mission and vision where business communication skills, entrepreneurship and Industry relevant ICT skills are taught as additional skills.

Collaboration efforts have been made with Universities to offer a wider course portfolio ranging from Business, Information Technology, among others. This enables Uzuri to cast its net wider to accommodate the working class and those intending to undertake short courses as well as professional development courses.
Capacity Building for both the corporate and individuals is also one of the institute’s commitments. We envisage its implementation through corporate trainings and consultancy services. This helps to fill the knowledge gap in the country thus acting as a key pillar towards achievement of the country’s vision 2030. 

Uzuri charges affordable fees per month and allows for payments in instalments which are quite favourable for the parents, guardians, caregivers, sponsors and any other party who facilitates our students’ education. 


The Institute has been offering computer lessons for all diploma students at a subsidized rate so as to equip them with skills that are becoming a necessity for this fast paced technological world. They are able to do research on the internet in our fully equipped computer labs and informational centers.  Students in the Beauty department are also equipped with skills in mechanical and electrical therapies. This helps in providing additional knowledge and skills in the different fields and industries that they may later on look for employment.


- We have qualified, well trained workforce with enough experience in various fields.
- We are well equipped with modern facilities to handle large groups.
- We nurture and develop talents of our students and also engage in capacity building for both corporate and individuals.
- Counseling on Career choices, relationships, HIV & Aids, Personal development among others.
- Practical experience by implementing targets for every student.
- We have modern Information Communication Technology equipments
- Leadership and personal growth development through lectures and seminars.
- We have highly qualified External examiners.
- We prepare our students to be Entrepreneurs.
- Industry relations where we attach our students for experiential learning
- Students are exposed to related industry seminars.
- Job placement for top performers
- Quality assurance conducted twice a year by external industry players for standard and relevance in the market place.
- Christian values 
- Continuous monitoring and evaluation conducted to ensure students meet all standards.
- We are located in a serene environment outside CBD with enough space for innovators and researchers in all fields.


 -The fashion department won a recent competition that saw Uzuri design KWS staff uniforms for their customer service department. We are proud to have KWS staff wearing our designs.
- Uzuri Institute has in the past being used as a case study at Jomo Kenyatta University for Entrepreneurship training in a project initiated by the world bank and managed by Prof Namusonge from the Entrepreneurship school. 
- The catering department has collaborated with hotels for service learning which is done on weekly basis. The students get hands on training which prepares them for the job market.
- Seminars are organized with manufacturers of Hair and Beauty products e.g Venus, Tcb, Dark & lovely, Darling products  as well as players in the Media, Hospitality, Business and Technology fields.
- Uzuri institute has excelled in producing work ready TOT graduates, who are working in Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, Dubai, Georgia, Italy and many parts of the world, as well as in several associated companies e.g Movit company, Interconsumer, Zoe and many of the polythecnics in the country.
- We have also done outreach training programs such as Makomboki tea factory training, where we trained 30 participants in hairdressing and dressmaking as an initiative to empower factory workers and surrounding tea farmers to supplement their incomes through creation of small businesses. ?
- In may 2004, we launched a `partnering with the community’ program dubbed, adopt- a-youth program which has seen more than 300 students sponsored by various organizations such as Kenya network of women living with Aids (KENWA), Plan International, Christian children’s fund(CCF), Kaiaini ACK church members Machakos, Consolata sisters, Limuru west childrens home, Help age Kenya and other individual sponsors. In the adopt- a -youth program, we have seen  less privileged youth absorbed in the market and are now making a positive contribution to developing their communities and taking care of their families.
- Uzuri also sponsors 4 needy students on full scholarship every year. This is one component of the social corporate responsibility and giving back to the society.
- Uzuri actively participates in local and national events especially in AIDS awareness campaigns, clean ups, effects of drugs and drug abuse among others.
- Uzuri is member of young proffessional movement (Dominion Generation) which aims at nurturing young minds in different proffessions as well as helping them to invest in different sectors.


Uzuri Institute is a private limited company registered with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to offer technical and vocational trainings. It is currently not subject to any litigation nor threatened with any in the foreseeable future. It enjoys the services of an attorney which acts as a mitigating factor for any litigation and also assists in institution’s secretarial work.


Uzuri Institute is led by a Director (Mercy Wangari Githinji) who is assisted by a Board of Management and a principal. She has a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), currently pursuing a PhD on the same. Uzuri Institute has different offices to stream line internal and external affairs which include: General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Business Development officer, Internal Systems Auditor, Students Affairs, Examinations office, Guidance and counseling and Heads of departments’ offices among others.


The core business of Uzuri Institute centres basically on products presented professionally and benchmarked with the industry, so as to ensure the vision of having work-ready, competent graduates is upheld. 

In the near future we wish to introduce courses in Electrical and Mechanical/Auto engineering and mobile repair and radio repairs. We are also looking at establishing Business campuses under the brand name UNBC Uniglobal Business colleges through a franchise model. These campuses will cater for the corporate and community arm. 

Furthermore, the business potential in Kenya is quite large and unexploited considering that more than 250,000 form four leavers annually can be considered potential students for the institution. In order to cater for growing training needs, we are looking at franchising to ensure we are strategically located in various parts of the country and beyond our borders in order to bring training at your homestead.
A lot of organisations working to alleviate poverty in Kenya and in Africa as a whole are also our potential clients. We look forward to expanding our borders.
Being leaders in the Hair & Beauty sector in the country, we are investing in hair and beauty products to add value and create opportunity for our graduates. 
The Institute is in the process of documenting its systems so that it can apply for property rights, with the ultimate intention of opening relations with foreign institutions, as well as establishing sister institutions in Kenya through a franchise system.